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Personalized Bottles of Water has been on the forefront of custom labeled bottled water for almost a decade. With our sleek and sophisticated bottle design, your custom designed label is sure to stand out and become a conversation piece. Not only do our bottles look great, but our 100% all natural spring water tastes great too! No need to worry about leaving these bottles in the cooler at your events as we use the finest water-resistant labels, which include a UV protective layer so your artwork cannot be scratched or fade in the sun. We guarantee that you will receive both superior quality bottles and water when you order from Personalized Bottles of Water.com.

Why Choose Us?

With so many bottlers out there, why choose us? With experience comes wisdom and we have both. When nobody was offering bullet bottles, we did. We listened to you, our customer, when you told us your water shouldn’t look like every other bottle you could buy at the shopping center and slap a sticker on them and call it CUSTOM. We choose to provide a heavier bottle that is smooth and does not distract your customers from the beautiful design of your label.

Our in-house designers are ready to help add the “Personal” to Personalized Bottles of Water. Each of our designers has the experience and expertise in fine arts and graphic design to build your perfect label. Our creative team works with your ideas matched with their talents to create your Michelangelo on a bottle! Most of our competitors don’t have the designers on staff and make you send in artwork in some special format or you will pay $100-200 in extra fees for your label design. Sure, not employing designers might be cheaper in the long run, but we don’t see it that way. We view each and every customer as a long term relationship. We want you to come back time and time again. Feel free to ask for our designers when you call so you can have a FREE consultation about your design.

We proudly place our prices on our website. If you’ve been searching, you will notice not all custom bottled water companies list their prices. Some companies have you go the extra mile just to receive pricing. We make this a one-stop search for new and returning customers.

For us, this is a way of life, we are here at our office to take your calls Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm EST. Please give us a try, we know you will be impressed.

Call us at 1-866-245-4375, or request a Free Quote.

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