Truckload Pricing | Personalized Bottles of Water

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Bulk Pricing

For Nonbranded, Generic Water

Need more than the average sales in bottled water? If you are looking for purified bottled water in BULK, then we can help! We are now offering bulk pricing for 16.9oz non-branded bottled water for the LOW PRICE of $0.29/bottle! Get this price and this large quantity of bottled water for: fundraisers, donations, disaster relief, and more.

So how much water are you really getting for the price of $0.29/bottle? Our bulk pricing is available for pallet orders of our 16.9 oz generic bottled water, without the customized label. A pallet is 84 cases, totaling 2016 bottles per pallet. This purified water will be delivered in a non-branded bottle to the destination of your choice.

In times of emergency, disaster relief, or donation opportunities, do not hesistate to order TRUCKLOADS of water. When you order a truckload of our non-branded bottled water, you will receive the amazing price of $0.23/bottle!

We also offer a smaller 10oz generic water bottle in both bulk and truckload pricing. Our 10oz pallet orders offer 126 cases per pallet, a total of 3024 bottles at the lower price of $0.255/bottle. OR you can order a truckload of 10oz water bottles for $0.195/bottle...that's our lowest price ever!

If you still have questions or would like to speak with a representative, give us a call at 1-866-245-4375 or email at We look forward to working with you!